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Interest rates for January 09, 2018 – Mortgage Alberta

January 9, 2018
Interest rates for January 09, 2018 –  Mortgage Alberta

Interest rates for January 09, 2018

This new 2018 brought us many changes in the real estate industry. One of them is the change of rules of qualification for a mortgage. Nevertheless, something that did not change is the mortgage interest rates. On the one hand, access to the purchase of a house is being restricted and on the other, there is the rate incentive. The table I present below contains the best interest rates for the moment thought our company. However, banks are predicting that these rates will not be available for a long time. If you want to know if you can get these rates for a purchase, renewal, or refinancing of your mortgage, contact us. We will be happy to serve you. And remember that our advice is free, preferential, personalized and confidential.


TermPosted RateOur Rate*
Open 1 Year6.30%6.30%
Fixed 1 Year3.04%2.64%
Fixed 2 Year3.24%2.54%
Fixed 3 Year3.44%2.79%
Fixed 4 Year3.89%2.99%
Fixed 5 Year4.99%2.94%
Fixed 7 Year5.30%3.69%
Fixed 10 Year6.10%3.74%
*  Rates may vary provincially and are subject to change without notice OAC .


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