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How the philosophy of ants can help you succeed

April 2, 2017
How the philosophy of ants can help you succeed
Ants are amazing creatures. For instance, some ants can carry 50 times their own weight! Even more amazing: ants are experts in philosophy. While the great ant philosophers didn’t write any books, we can still learn about their wisdom by observing their actions. Here are 4 ant philosophies we can adopt in our own lives:
  1. Never give up. Ever tried to stop an ant or keep them out? It’s difficult because they never stop trying and always look for another way. They’ll move around, over or under almost any obstacle
  2. Plan ahead. All summer long, ants are busy gathering and storing food for winter. They’re not fooled into thinking the easy times will last forever. They know things change, so they prepare for every eventuality.
  3. Have faith things will improve. In winter, it would be easy for ants to get discouraged and give up as they endure the dark, cold holes they live in. But they know things will get better, and as soon as spring comes, they’re among the very first to venture into the sunshine.
  4. Give it all you’ve got. Ants don’t stop gathering food when they think they have enough for winter. They keep working and doing everything they can until the very end of summer. By adopting the philosophy of ants, you too can achieve great things!

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